Lois Joy Hofmann – Sailing around the world


Lois HofmannLois Joy Hofmann and her husband Gunter, decided to fulfill their dream of sailing around the world, just the two of them, after they both retired! While they longed for escape and independence from working in the corporate world, they found that there was no control – the sea and the wind took them where it wanted. They spent eight years sailing sea to sea and port to port.

Lois has chronicled their adventures in a 3 volume set. The first, Maiden Voyage, is a how-to book for would be and experienced sailors; the second is Sailing the South Pacific and the third will be released in 2014. Hear of her life-changing adventures and why there’s no time like the present to take the trip of your dreams.

More about Lois: LoisJoyHofmann.com and about the journey: PacificBliss.com