Rock and Roll your business life with Tim Gillette


Tim Gillette is the founder of Rocker Life Coach, a systematic coaching institution catering to both the ordinary and the entrepreneurs in the form of a blog and a radio show. He is also widely known as America’s greatest life coach; his Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude plus his vast experiences in life made him so much an inspiration to many in achieving their goals and serve as inspirations as well.

Inspired by a Sunday School teacher when he was 13 which gave him the passion of being a Rock Star, Tim wasn’t the guy who grew up in an easy life. Even so, his professional years did not root from that Rock ‘n Roll dream. Instead, after taking some vocational courses on auto mechanics and detailing, he started being a sales man as well, with a small business to let him have an ample food every night on his dinner table. That was thirty years of continuous attempts to establish a good business until he realized he had epilepsy.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, a bike lover, a coach, a successful entrepreneur, and a loving husband to his wife, Tim Gillette believes that the issues of today in this world can only be solved by having and inspiring more successful entrepreneurs. Tim can be heard over the radio, on the web, and in some books he had written.  Four years ago, he started a small investment company in Dallas, TX which gave him the funds to start his coaching career. Today, he is proud to have published several books, aside from having a solid clientele to his coaching media, and with the same Rock ‘n Roll attitude at heart, he is happy to be called a guy living in his dreams.

With his passion, mentorship and leadership, Tim is helping small to medium businesses create and recreate themselves, teaching entrepreneurs how to live their RockStar dreams.  He also spent almost 20 years in the car wash and auto body industry but now he is sharing lessons based on his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll music, business experiences, travels, journey and lessons of riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle 30,000+ miles a year, through his coaching and speaking events. Every April and October in Dallas, TX, and every June in Phoenix, AZ, he is leading his 3-day Rock ‘n’ Roll Business Success Summits.