let’s talk film reviews the pyschological thriller, SIDE EFFECTS

The film, SIDE EFFECTS, is a jagged little pill.

Today’s host, Danielle Winston, speaks with the panelist, Denise Goins, about the  psychological thriller, SIDE EFFECTS, at Stand 4 Restaurant near Union Square in New York City.

Rumored to be director, Steven Soderbergh’s final cinematic endeavor, SIDE EFFECTS, is a fitting but, complexly intricate swan song that concludes the long and illustrious career of the man who put the indie film genre in the conscious mind of the mainstream. With a screenplay written by Scott Z. Burns, this story is so deeply entrenched with twists, that just as you sense the film may be nearing its end, it continues on a dramatic and wild journey.

To learn more about today’s film, Side Effects, our host and panelist and Stand 4 Restaurant, visit our website.


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