Heartline w/ host Rita Schulte ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’

Rita Schulte licensed professional board certified counselor

Childhood was a continual nightmare for Leslie Raddatz. To survive, she repressed all her memories of neglect and abuse until one day at 32 years old, they resurfaced with a vengeance. Leslie was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder characterized by flashbacks, nightmares, the inability to sleep, hyperarousal, and body memories. Leslie is here to tell her story in the hopes it will help others get the help they need to deal with trauma.

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There’s so much talk today about taking care of our hearts on a physical level. We’re told if we eat right and exercise, we’ll keep our hearts alive and well. But few people tell us to pay attention to the internal music of our hearts, so we learn to set aside our feelings of hurt and disappointment and keep on going.

The problem is, when we bury our pain we bury it alive.  Abstract losses like shattered dreams, unmet expectations, loss of hope, trust, even the loss of faith, can have serious long-range consequences on the heart. The losses in our lives have shaped who we are today— and most importantly, what we believe about ourselves, God, and the world around us.

How about you –have you experienced a loss that’s shattered your heart? Perhaps you like many other people, didn’t realize what you experienced was loss. Or if you did, maybe you never stopped to notice how it affected your heart. If that’s the case, there’s no better time than now to start noticing how all this mess called “life” has affected you at the heart level. I’d like to help you by providing resources that will help you change your life. As a licensed professional counselor, I deal with lots of hurting people every day. My speciality areas are anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders and loss.