9to5 Means Equal Pay for Women!


Linda Meric
is the National Director of 9to5, a National Association of Working Women, which is bringing awareness to Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013.  Linda helped found 9to5 Colorado in 1996 to put working women’s issues on the public agenda, and served as that chapter’s Director until the fall of 2004 when she became 9to5’s National Director. Under Linda’s leadership, 9to5 has won important anti-discrimination, good jobs, work-family, welfare and child care victories across the country. Before coming to 9to5, Linda spent 20 years as a labor and community organizer. Linda has received numerous awards for her work with and on behalf of low-wage working women, including: the Denver Women’s Commission 1st Annual Community Service Award; the Community Resource Center Social Justice Legend Award; the Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s Be Bold Award; and the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado’s Advancing Equality Award.  Linda joins Speak Up! to talk more about 9to5’s great work and why Equal Pay Day is important, especially for women.