Yoga Set Me Free: from Internment Camp to Inner Journey


Fun and Fit Interview Yoga Legacy, Prison Camp Survivor, and Author Phyllis Pilgrim


Yoga Legacy, Phyllis PilgrimWhat can yoga do for you, especially if you face challenges, stress, and negative forces? Our guest, Phyllis Pilgrim shares her insights based on a lifelong and worldwide pursuit of yoga and meditation.

Given the hardships and cruelty she faced as a child imprisoned in Japanese war camps, Phyllis is especially appreciative of the ways yoga brought joy and awareness back into her life.  Listen in to bring some of those same positive feelings into your practice. Not only will you appreciate what yoga can do to improve your life, but also you’ll get a kick out Phyllis’s sense of humor and English “elocution.”

“Yoga offers Balance, Compassion,and Gratitude,” according to Phyllis.  “Yoga is not just what you do; it’s also who you are.”

  • Find more compassion for yourself;
  • appreciate your body and mind;
  • embrace change as you listen to this week’s radio episode.

Or simply follow Phyllis’s story both in this interview and via her book, The Hidden Passport. Phyllis Pilgrim's The Hidden PassportThis easy to read, fast paced, award winning book chronicles a journey from survive to thrive.

Phyllis has lived and traveled worldwide, first with her parents as a child, including imprisonment in Japanese Internment camps in Java in WW2, then as an adult enjoying hiking, trekking and safari vacations.  She has worked at Rancho la Puerta fitness resort in Tecate, Mexico for nearly 32 years, teaching fitness and expanding the yoga and meditation programs which she still teaches today. You can order her book on amazon or through Phyllis’s website,  For the ultimate treat, head to Rancho la Puerta to enjoy Phyllis’s yoga and meditation classes in person.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing life story she has! It is amazing and wonderful that she found joy in yoga, and thus life.

  2. What a beautiful story about Phyllis. I am inspired to keep my daily yoga going and love the idea that it develops more compassion for ourselves/