Courtesan Candy: Coming Back!



After a bit if a hiatus and a few changes the show is coming back baby! This is a quick hello to give you the 411 on, Courtesan Candy ( formally Luscious Life).  You can also send questions to me about lifestyle, love, or relationships for my new  advice column, Dear Courtesan which will also be a part of the show. New shows coming at you soon. 

 Looking forward to being back! Connect with me on Google+ and Twitter: @Shoshi

About Yolanda Shoshana

Yolanda Shoshana, “Shoshi,” is a lifestyle expert that is a Courtesan Curator, Seduction Alchemist, Witch and Clairvoyant that encourages  women to tap into their senses and unleash their magick.  She is a popular expert on sex, love, relationships, and luscious living. On Monday and Friday nights she hosts the lifestyle web show, The Charming Courtesan, on Google+ and YouTube. You can also get some lifestyle,love, and psychic pixie dust on The Charming Courtesan blog.

Yolanda is also the Host of Courtesan Candy on WomensRadio. Courtesan Candy helps women a more sexy sensual, and spiritual life.


  1. Glad the show will be back, well done