Saving Lives with Solar Powered LED Lamps


Discover how you can help lift lives from extreme poverty allowing education and healthier living through the power of an LED solar lamp. Hear about how youth are inspired to contribute their time, creativity and energy to assure that these solar lights get to those who need them, whether living in extreme poverty or victims of natural disaster.

1.5 billion people do not have direct access to electricity and rely on kerosene, candles or firewood for lighting – all of which are relativity expensive, provide inferior light for reading not to mention the danger to health from kerosene fumes, fire and smoke. Unite-to-Light currently distributes solar powered LED lamps on four continents and in 50 countries.

Soon a new LED solar light that includes a charging system for cell phones is being introduced. The use of mobile phones has grown into rural areas that have no access to electricity.  Providing crucial communication connects communities, but charging can be a problem.  Already distributed in over

Click here for details guiding you to help save lives from darkness, allowing reading, education, night medical needs like the birth of a child and more.


  1. Yes really helpful product its going to be , bcoz there are many parts of the world which do not have sufficient electricity , in fact few do not have at all !

    solar power products are really going to change the world consume the electricity.