Janis Prout – A chiropractor’s holiday travel tips


Janis ProutEver leave on a trip feeling great but return needing to recover from traveling? Chiropractor Janis Prout sees patients in pain daily. When they’re getting ready for a trip, she helps them prepare, but often they return home sore and sadly subluxated (a partial dislocation of the vertebrae or other bone alignment). Back pain from sitting is just one of the issues she helps with.

Whether you’re leaving on a holiday trip, traveling for business or dealing with a daily commute, she shares tips on how to end your trip in great shape.

As she says, “Movement is life to a joint, so we have to keep moving.” Find out more at:www.chiropracticinsantee.com or call her office : 619-562-6860.


  1. I always wonder when my chiropractor in charlotte nc pops my neck if that is healthy, it feels incredible though.