For-Profit Preschool Education in India for Extreme Poor.


Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions is providing preschool education for children living in extreme poverty. Naveen Kumar shares how for-profit sustainability and an improved curriculum that includes contextual learning and community participation is helping change the face of poverty in rural and urban slums of India.

Sudiksha is an innovative venture with the mission to grow 1 million preschools in India and develop a curriculum that children love while instilling the desire to keep learning. Although this is a challenge due to the number of children living in poverty in India, Sudiksha’s innovative practices make the mission possible. Each school is headed by a local woman who takes responsibility for daily management, and in return, will ultimately receive profit sharing.

Learn more about this progressive venture, see the schools in action in a video and learn how you can participate. Universities, corporations, technology, sponsorships, all can help. Click here to learn more.