Zap Fat? Get Fit? Stay Motivated? There’s a Fitness App for That


Fun and Fit interview “Mr. Connected,” Ted Vickey, PhD researcher on how fitness apps affect exercise and your health


Do you want a dependable, low cost helper to cheer you on, record your workout accomplishments, get you over motivation hurdles, and increase your odds of exercise success? Get in line. No wait, get online! And get on your cell phone.

After devoting hundreds of hours assessing 17 million tweets, 5 popular apps, and scores of exercisers’ habits, Ted Vickey made some interesting discoveries:

  1. App use tends to fall into 3 categories, 2 of which positively affect exercise outcomes;
  2. Those who use technology – such as smart phones and workout apps — tend to stick with their workout programs;
  3. Social networks, whether online or off, will help you get more fit. And the online networks are proving to be mighty!
  4. From the White House to San Diego to Ireland to the golf links, Ted Vickey’s sense of humor and passions will entertain and inform you. So listen in.

The research results you will hear in this interview with the world’s number one expert in technology and exercise adherence are the first of their kind.

Ted Vickey has been called one of the most connected men in fitness.  From his 11 years as head of the White House Athletic center to his current doctoral study of mobile phones and physical activity, he has been pursuing his bucket list since 5th grade. You can pursue him (and his wealth of cutting edge info) via twitter, @TedVickey and via his LinkedIn page,

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  1. This is an excellent way to keep track of your workouts. What don’t we use our smart phone for nowadays? The first place I heard about this actually was on an awesome fitness blog. Tons of people use similar stuff on there.

  2. Without a doubt technology helps keep my fitness accountable. It’s not an app persay, but Polar Personal Trainer keeps my workouts logged and even designs programs for me based on my particular need!

  3. Technology has been instrumental in my health and fitness. I rely on it heavily for keeping track of workouts, knowing my running pace, and logging my activity.

  4. I love using apps for running and fitness! I have several that I use to track mileage, I’ve been trying out Pear Sports, which connects a heart rate monitor to a training program, and designs a program that keeps you in your zone. All on your phone!