Stay Active and Attractive on the Road (and on tv)


Fun and Fit interview celebrity host of “Sell This House Extreme,” Tanya Memme

When it comes to figuring out ways to stay healthy, fit, and camera-ready attractive, Tanya Memme knows a beauty trick or two. Not only does this award-winning actress and former Miss World Canada need to keep her energy and looks up while traveling, but also when renovating homes and wielding power tools. Host and Producer of the Emmy nominated tv show “Sell This House” and “Sell This
House Extreme
” on A&E Saturdays (new season starts in 2013), Tanya Memme shares insider secrets  — with humor, honesty, and surprise suggestions.

  • Do you ever have 14 hour work days where you had to look as good at the end of the day as at the start?
  • Like Tanya – who is a new mom – have you had to figure out creative places to nurse your baby when surrounded by people, dust, dirt, (and cameras)?
  • What is your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction? And does it compare to Tanya’s on camera mishap?
  • What do you do to stay fit when your choice is sleep or exercise and you’re exhausted? Hear how Tanya copes with this dilemma.

After you listen to Tanya’s interview, be sure to keep an eye out for her show in the 2013 season,  connect with her on Facebook, tweet her at @tanya_memme , and follow her on instagram @tmemme. For one, you will find out that Tanya is actively involved in her charity, Wells Of Hope and Miracles In Action where she helps build wells, homes and communities in Guatemala with her dad, Frank Memme.

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  1. Yes protein shakes are the way to go, and they are so inexpensve compared to the alternative

  2. I used to work for the production company that makes Tanya’s show! I didn’t get to work with her (instead I worked on Hoarders, definitely not as “glamorous”) but heard she’s fantastic. Great tips from Tanya!! Loved this ladies!!

    • Thanks for listening in and commenting. Tanya was fun and quick, which we appreciate. Do you still work for hoarders? Bet you will find some old hair extensions!