End Emotional Eating: 3 Steps to Start


Fun and Fit interview co-founder of Live Well 360 and healthy eating coach, Sheila Viers

Are you an emotional eater? Have your eating habits prevented you from reaching your fitness or weight loss goals? Do you believe that being thinner will make you more beautiful? happier? more loved and lovable? Then this interview is for you.

Emotional health is key to getting your dream body and dream life,” asserts Shiela Viers who is on a mission to help women end self-sabotage so they can feel comfortable in their own skin. She uses personal experience and an inspirational message to help women end emotional eating.

  • Listen in to hear Sheila’s 3 step process to break unsuccessful emotion-driven eating habits;
  • Discover the 3 criteria for selecting food that will serve you well;
  • SUPER KEY — Find out the main shift you have to make to go from frustrated to fit; from deprived to happy; from overweight to over the moon with joy. (Hint: focusing on why vs how)

If you want to change your relationship with food, visit Sheila at Live Well 360 and sheilaviers.com. Click to take advantage of her offer for a free copy of her book,  ROCK Your Dream Body Fast Track.  While you’re at it, follow her on twitter at twitter.com/livewell360 and at  facebook.com/livewell360.

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  1. Interesting interview and good tips. Will check out the sites. Thanks for the intro.

  2. a very nice site

    • Thank you for listening in and taking the time to comment. Y’all come back now, ya hear? (Any chance you know what long ago tv show that saying comes from?) Boomers would know, but others would be too young.

  3. Great tips, and interesting interview. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this info because it seems to me that emotional eating is part of the reason why many are overweight. due to other deeper emotional issues that drive them to food as comfort. I wrote a page about it and this is going to be great info to link to give readers who want to learn more, more insight.