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An inspiring example of her message, author and healing practitioner, Crystal Sage, has studied natural healing and worked in the healing arts for twenty years. Some of her studies include Nutrition, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Parasitology, and Herbology. After struggling with illness much of her life, she became disenchanted with conventional medicine and turned to natural healing modalities. Crystal has healed herself (without drugs or surgery) from a myriad of chronic and debilitating conditions, which include fibromyalgia, PMS, hypoglycemia, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), angina heart pains, and colon cancer. She has also helped many others to heal with great success, all by only using natural nutritional remedies and therapies.
Her book, Heal Beneath the Surface has over 250 information packed pages and includes many of her personal healing clients’ success stories.
She has developed her own healing technique, which she calls CHART (Crystal’s Healing and Reprogramming Technique). She teaches CHART as well as the causes and solutions to dis-ease in her book and class on how YOU can become your own best healer. She knows first-hand that ALL chronic disease can be healed if people are willing to take full responsibility and make a commitment to their health.
True Healing Solutions

About Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Claire Power Murphy, HonDL  U.S.A. Humanitarian Ambassador
Sole Proprietor: CPM Publications LLC

Claire is the author of  The Restoration Trilogy which consists of multi award-winning semi-autobiographical Preserved to ServeTowards the 144,000 and
The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes. Her latestest book is most timely: Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law.
She is a featured author in both Health and Wellness and Spirituality on Authors Den (the #1 site for books and authors on the net!)

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Claire has been a Top Host at WomensRadio. Improve Every Year leads out in reform measures desperately needed to counteract both the healthcare and education crises. Listeners will be led to see a brighter future, beyond cure, where both they and institutions will Improve Every Year!