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Fun and Fit interview DVD Workout Expert, Angie Miller: Get a Bedroom Body

A fitness professional and trained counselor, Angie Miller has created a series of successful, bestselling DVDs geared toward women of varying ages. Her latest DVD, the Bedroom Body,  has stirred up some negative comments. So we jumped into the room with her to stir up some answers on this controversy.

  • The title Bedroom Body, has gotten some rare negative feedback despite great reviews of the content you offer exercisers. What made you choose that name? (Hint: think private sanctuary or inner sanctum though you will achieve your bedroom body better once you listen in).
  • Given the association that “Bedroom” and “Body” have with sex, how do you define sexy? More importantly, how does your workout help women–especially those over 40–feel sexier? Or is that missing the point? (Listen to hear Angie’s unique view of “sexy” and how you can achieve it).
  • If you had a slogan to help women develop their “sexy,” what would it be? (Angie shares two helpful slogans:  Personal Acceptance and … guess you’ll have to listen in to get the second, which is worth hearing and using as your slogan!)

In addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Counseling, offering a series of exercise DVDs,  and being a respected industry pro, Angie Miller is an instructor at Northern Illinois University. You can find her at; at her Facebook page; on twitter at @angiemillerfit; and on her YouTube channel.

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