Menopause: One Size Does Not Fit All!

Wulf H. Utian MD, PhD, DSc, FRCOG, FACOG, FICS, is a physician reproductive endocrinologist,
and world-renowned researcher, author, and lecturer on menopause & infertility. He was an early pioneer in the development of in vitro fertilization, and started the world’s first research center on menopause in 1967. Among numerous awards, he was honored by Good Housekeeping as “one of America’s best physicians in women’s health,” by Ladies Home Journal as one of the “top ten researchers in women’s health” and by the FDA with an FDA Citation “for the collective outstanding performance of the ‘Menopause and Hormones Information Campaign’.”


He is an independent consultant in women’s health issues, especially regarding new drug development.  Considered to be one of the world’s most significant authorities on menopause and women’s health, Dr. Utian is Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Biology, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine; Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Rapid Medical Research. Previously, he was Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University Hospitals of Cleveland and Chairman of Reproductive Biology at Case Western Reserve University.


He is one of the three original Founders in 1976 of the International Menopause Society, of which he is Honorary Past President, and founder of the North American Menopause Society. He is the recipient of multiple research grants and has studied hormones and menopause for many years.  He was Medical Editor of Maturitas from 1983-1993, is Honorary Founding Editor of Menopause (1994-2010), and was Editor of Menopause Management from its inception in 1987 until December 2009.


During his career, Dr. Utian has written over 200 scientific papers related to women’s health, multiple editorials, and has authored several books, including eight on menopause, with “CHANGE YOUR MENOPAUSE – Why one size does not fit all” just published in October 2011, following his successful self-help book, “THE UTIAN STRATEGY – Is this your problem or is this my problem?”  in 2010.



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