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Laurel Ann Browne is a Professional Counselor, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Parent Educator, Alternative Holistic Professional and Hypnotherapist, past substance abuse facilitator for high-risk youth and ADHD. She combines ancient spiritual knowledge, advanced astrology integration, kabbalah numerology, aura, tarot and medical astrology to give deep insights very quickly. She has her own private practice in Central Texas. You may contact her at 512-704-6005 USA Canada


Certified Integrative Holistic Counselor

Visionary Counseling Center, LLC, CEO


Alternative Approach Directions

  • Intuitive Inner Guidance
  • Personality Analysis
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Medical Astrology
  • Business Forecasts
  • World Mapping for Career Targets
  • Relocation Evaluations for Business or Love

Your Personal Mentor

Laurel Ann Browne has been an Award winning Psychic reader, gifted clairvoyant medium and Medical Astrologer for over 35 years’. She uses a unique kind of integrative, alternative and holistic approach.  Her profound metaphysical philosophy helps you get practical solutions to everyday problems. Her intuitive guidance answers your life questions for personal, business, marriage and family difficulties.

She is a Medical Astrologer and Medical Intuitive – Medical Astrology will give you information that the doctors sometimes cannot see using your Birth Chart and DNA – which is your Astrological Blueprint signature. She can give you specific right timing for surgery, specialized herbals and homeopathic                                                                                                                                                                                                                            







Visionary for Creative Change

About Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Claire Power Murphy, HonDL  U.S.A. Humanitarian Ambassador
Sole Proprietor: CPM Publications LLC

Claire is the author of  The Restoration Trilogy which consists of multi award-winning semi-autobiographical Preserved to ServeTowards the 144,000 and
The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes. Her latestest book is most timely: Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law.
She is a featured author in both Health and Wellness and Spirituality on Authors Den (the #1 site for books and authors on the net!)

Claire’s many endorsements, awards and associations may be viewed here:

Claire has been a Top Host at WomensRadio. Improve Every Year leads out in reform measures desperately needed to counteract both the healthcare and education crises. Listeners will be led to see a brighter future, beyond cure, where both they and institutions will Improve Every Year!