Green Festival Comes to Washington D.C.!


WomensRadio is delighted to once again be a Media Partner for the Green Festivals!  There are several Green Festivals throughout the year but just around the corner is the Washington, D.C. Green Festival, which will take place September 29th and 30th, 2012 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.  Alix Davidson is the Senior Regional Director for the Washington, D.C. Green Festival, a post she has held for the last eight years. While Alix has also organized Green Festivals in Chicago and New York City, she loves the Washington, D.C. Green Festival most because it allows her to bring her whole community together as she recruits wonderful speakers and volunteers.  Alix joins Speak Up! to talk more about what attendees can look forward to at the upcoming Washington, D.C. Green Festival!

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