5 Nutrition Mistakes Women Make


Fun and Fit interview Award Winner, Entrepreneur, Funny Person, Fitness Expert Nicki Anderson

“Carbage”= Calories that should go in the trash can, not your mouth.

That’s just one phrase from Health Leader, Nicki Anderson who takes us through ways to eat more healthfully.  But first, she lists the most common eating errors that lead women (and some men!) astray.

A hint of what’s in the interview (listen in to find out whether you are falling into any of the diet traps):


  • Fat-free, carb-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, guilt-free – Nothing is really free in the calorie world;
  • Can keeping up with the latest nutrition trends free you from extra weight?
  • If you could change ONE THING to improve your eating habits, what should that one thing be?
  • Avoid the mistakes many dieters make with just a few small shifts in thinking and doing.

Nicki was once an obese teen, who lost 50 pounds. Since then she went on to own and operate an award winning personal training Studio, which she recently sold after 20 years’ helping women achieve their fitness goals. She is now pursuing her love of writing and cooking while starting a new business for “women of a certain age.”  Try to keep up with her over at nickianderson.com or tweet with her at @nanderson61.

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