Castles to Car Crash to Conscious Living


Fun and Fit Interview International Publicist, Lady Adrienne Papp about Transforming her Mind and Body Following Trauma

Dame Adrienne PappRecently knighted Dame (aka Lady) Adrienne Papp is a highly recognized publicist and owner of Atlantic Publicity. Normally Lady Adrienne puts the focus on extraordinary people with extraordinary stories, bringing the unknown into the known, and establishing fame for those who are exceptional. In this interview we put the spotlight on her as she shares her own amazing health recovery story that takes us through Europe to New York to California.

Listen to hear Lady Adrienne’s thought-provoking and life-changing answers to the questions we posed her:

  1. You had a debilitating car accident that nearly proved fatal. At the time that must have seemed one of the WORST things that could have happened. Yet, you claim the accident turned out to be one of the best. How so?
  2. What changed after the accident?
  3. How did you overcome the setbacks? What role did your thoughts and mind play in your recovery?
  4. You have several degrees, including advanced work in Quantum Physics. How did quantum physics and your thinking patterns transform your body, health and happiness?
  5. What practical advice do you have for our listeners who want to harness the power of quantum physics the way you have?

To learn more about Lady Adrienne, visit her website, AtlanticPublicity, find her on Facebook, or pick up almost any publication. She or her clients will be in there somewhere because not only is Dame Papp a publicist, but also a journalist, editor, economist, and adventure seeker who leads a healthy life coast to coast and country to country.


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