3 Crazy Notions that Prevent You From Getting Fit


Michael Mantell, PhD PsychologistInterview with Behavioral Psychologist and Exercise Leader, Dr. Michael Mantell

According to our guest, Dr. Michael Mantell, we operate from three basic emotions — all negative.  Without awareness, these fundamental emotions have the potential to derail us on our path to a happier, healthier life. Listen in to our conversation if you are ready to shift from a negative to positive state and achieve your fitness goals.

  • You say “The Link is What You Think” What do you mean by that?
  • What are “SACS” and how do they affect our health and life satisfaction?
  • What role does the mind play in determining fitness, health and overall wellness?
  • You just created a brand new definition of FIT. Tell us about it.

Dr. Michael Mantell works in the living room, the locker room and the board room.  He lives by the philosophy, “Fitness is in the mind, fitness is for life–with lots of fun, laughter and enjoyment.”

Connect with Dr. Mantell at his website drmichaelmantell.com and via twitter (he actually follows back and replies!) @drsandiego and @fitnesspsych and via his facebook page.

He earned his Ph.D. after completing his M.S. in clinical psychology with a focus on the psychology of obesity. He has served as Chief Psychologist of Children’s Hospital and Health Center of San Diego,  created and led the nationally recognized Psychological Services and Employee Wellness program for the San Diego Police Department, and been a long time member of the clinical faculty at UCSD’s Department of Psychiatry.

He is  Senior Fitness Consultant for Behavioral Sciences, for the American Council on Exercise, a faculty member of, and consultant to, the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, a Senior Consultant for Behavioral Sciences for Anytime Fitness, amongst many other credentials. He appears weekly on San Diego’s CW channel 6 TV news, and provides opinions, analyses and commentary for print and broadcast news media throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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