Where Did the Middle Class Go?


.During his career in Washington, DC, Dennis Marker worked for U.S. Congressman Stan Lundine; served as in-house consultant to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Doug Costle, and was special assistant to Jim Wallis at Sojourners Magazine.  Dennis also helped launch and direct progressive nonprofits, including Witness for Peace and The Pledge of Resistance.  All of this work took Dennis to many places, including all the countries of Central America and pre-war Iraq where he sought to end U.S involvement in unnecessary wars and limit civilian causalities.  Dennis joins Speak Up! to discuss his new book, Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves.


  1. A most serious subject!
    When all of the financial power, politics and governmental control have been exerted, for our very survival, we will need to examine the phyical and “what works”. Surely, our weather and increasing problems with the human condition are crying out for attention.
    Womens Radio is to be congratulated for courageously providing a platform for the truth to be shared!

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