Aquatic Bodywork Supports Healing


Keith Anderson, Master Bodywork TrainerAquatic Bodywork Supports Healing: Interview with Master Bodyworker, Keith Anderson

Do you know what aquatic bodywork is and what it can do for you? One example of this kind of training that you may have heard of is WATSU. We didn’t have much of a clue until we talked with Master Bodywork Trainer, Keith Anderson. We were so impressed we sent our mom into his magical hands. Enter the magic with us!

If you need to:

  • reduce stress
  • relieve pain from injuries
  • increase flexibility

then listen in as this modality could be PERFECT for you.

If you have concerns about

  • getting water in your ears
  • sinking instead of floating
  • being in water too cold or too hot

then listen in as Keith has solutions for all these situations.

Aquatic bodywork training with Keith AndersonIf you are worried about getting your hair wet then what can we say? Tough one to solve in a pool session. But the benefits far outweigh this one issue.

Find out from a leader/ teacher/ healer who has been called “Beautiful Inside and Out” whether an aquatic bodywork session (Example: WATSU) might be right for you.

Our guest is a regular instructor at Rancho la Puerta Fitness Spa in Tecate, MX and trained water healer. With a strong commitment to Balance, Love, and Quantum Harmony, Keith finds ways to support and help every one of his clients. You can find him at

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  1. Great combination focusing on the needs of the client.
    Warm anti-gravity environment most conducive to succssssful massage.
    Add a trainer who responds to the patient’s body, throw in a little soft music, and
    let the healing begin!

    • Keith does offer it all! Doesn’t his voice just convey how soothing and healing his sessions are? Have you tried aquatic bodywork?

      • Yes, Keith sounds like a healer.
        I do massage and water aerobics in an outdoor salt water pool which really helps me alot.
        Funny thing though, wherever we are, there’s always so much more to do!
        I love the spirit of your show!

  2. I heard it’s never to late to exercise, I have intermediate authiritus in the lower back, can certain exercises really help? from a children author and school custodian in Concord, Ca.
    found thru Claire Power Murphy of Womans talk radio.