Try CrossFit to Feel, Look, and Perform Better


Fun and Fit Interview Certified CrossFit Trainer, Justin Kier


  • “Don’t be scared of CrossFit”
  • “CrossFit is infinitely scalable and can be adjusted and tailored to almost all goals, all adult exercisers, all fitness levels.”
  • “The focus of the workout is on Functional Fitness, though many people have lost weight with the program.”
  • “While you can perform a CrossFit workout at high intensity, this does not mean you have to do high impact.”

These are just some of the tidbits Justin shares with us as we dive bomb a few myths, discuss the realities of CrossFit, and discover what AMRAP stands for. Might this workout be just right for you? We ask:

  1. What results can you expect?
  2. How can you find a good CrossFit program?
  3. What fitness goals are best met by CrossFit training?
  4. What type of exerciser is CrossFit really suited for?

Our guest, Justin Kier is Director of Client Experience at Warrior Pride Fitness CrossFit ( in Marietta, GA. In the fitness world since 2000, he has seen remarkable success with CrossFit for his clients. He is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit coach and works will all ages and demographics to reach extraordinary fitness goals.

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