Medicating the Masses: Vaccines and Your Health

Jon Rappoport, one of the most relentless medical reporters in the world, talks about the latest issues concerning vaccines and their impact on autism, and your health. Plus, why no comprehensive study has ever been conducted to prove the effectiveness or safety of commonly used vaccines.

About Beth Greer

Beth Greer, The Super Natural Mom™, is an award-winning journalist, holistic health advocate, impassioned champion of toxin-free living, and radio talk show host, who busts open the myth that our homes are safe havens. Her bestselling book, Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home and Planet…One Room at a Time, a Books for a Better Life Award Finalist, is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Peter Coyoteand others, shows how food, cosmetics, personal care products, household cleaners and furniture are making us sick.

Formerly President and Co-Owner of The Learning Annex, a renowned private alternative adult education company, Beth has helped thousands see new possibilities and feel empowered to make changes in their lives.

She’s a columnist for the Huffington Post and blogs on several websites including and She has appeared on ABC-TV, NBC-TV and CNNand interviewed by local and national radio shows across the country. Beth is a healthy home makeover specialist, and green marketing strategist/consultant to restaurants, home health care agencies and retreat centers, helping to make them greener, safer and healthier.

She was named a recipient of the “100 Magnificent Marin Women Award” by Search for the Cause, a non-profit organization that investigates how exposure to chemicals in our daily lives increases the risk of cancer. Beth is a testament to how making small lifestyle shifts can make a huge difference in one’s health. By using alternative methods of healing, eating a diet free of pesticides and avoiding hazardous chemicals in her personal care and household products, Beth eliminated a tumor without drugs or surgery.

Beth is also the Host of Your Super Natural Life on WomensRadio. The Super Healthy Home Show offers interviews with top experts with practical advice on health and wellness alternatives; tips for making the safest, healthiest choices for you and your family, and insights on how to live a safer, less toxic, and more natural life.


  1. A most serious episode! Multi “award-winning” Preserved to Serve offers specific evidence in support of these allegations. The book shows clearly that infants, especially sickly ones, do worse on vaccines and man’s current method of nourishing them. With babies being born addicted to prescription drugs: the issue of detoxification becomes even more meaningful. Boosting the immuno defense system and balancing blood chemistry are key!
    The Self Rejuvenation Center (SRC) offers specific ways to raise children from infancy so that they “Improve Every Year!” while on a high level natural lifestyle.

    • Veena Grover,RYT says:

      Claire,I agree with you over medications are causing more harm than benefit.I worked with Psychiatric Rehab Center in Buffalo,N.Y during my internship for Occupational therapy,young teenagers were looking to express their frustrations,single family or too rich or too poor kids were over medicated to sedate them to sleep,I expressed during my final evaluation to the management & every body were looking more business for the hospital,they were not worried about young teen ages frustrations.It is 30 years back,I still can’t forget those crying faces.Parents must give chance to children to express their views.They need personal console rs to heal their wounds.
      Heal with herbs,Ayurveda way or holistic way,please.