Kettlebells for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Strength


Are kettlebells one of the best ways to lose weight, get lean, and look amazing?

Lisa Balash, certified kettlebell trainerWe interview certified kettlebell expert, Lisa Balash, the Kettlebell Bombshell to get the accurate scoop


  • What are the benefits of kettlebell training, especially when rumors abound about injuries?
  • What is it about Pilates that you call it “perfect to pair with Kettlebells”?
  • What is the number one, most critical question to ask a prospective kettlebell trainer?
  • What is the difference between the “Hard” vs “Soft” style and which is better for people with a fitness (not competition) goal?
  • Bonus discovery – how come Alexandra did not win the kettlebell challenge at last year’s IDEA Health and Fitness Convention?

Our guest, Lisa Balash is owner of Elite Physiques Pilates and Kettlebell studio in Las Vegas NV, a Kettlebell Sport competitor, and  creator of Kettlebell Bombshell DVD series Volumes 1 and 2. She hints that Vol 3 is coming soon!

A fitness professional  since 2001, she is a former Figure Competitor, current Pilates instructor, certified Kettlebell trainer, and FitFluential Ambassador. You can find Lisa and her DVDs online at www.elitephysiqueslv.comand Tweet any kettlebell questions or comments her way at

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  1. Awesome to hear your views lisa. I think you’re awesome!