Core Strategy for Success


Fred A. Manske Jr. is the former CEO of Purolator Ccurier Ltd., Canada’s leading distribution company.
Prior to that, he was Senior Vice-President, U.S. Opertions and Sales of FedEx. Today he’s president of Leadership Education and Development, Inc., and author of Secrets of Effective Leadership - a Practical Guide to Success which has been used in the training programs of many Fortune 500 corporations. His new book is Core Strategy for Success – How to Lead the pack in a  “Dog-Eat-Dog” World.

Mr. Manske is Chairman of the Ethical Decision Making and Moral Values Symposium which is held annually for college students in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In addition, he is an elder in the Presbyterian Church.


  1. Very good interview. I hope everyone listens and follows those guidelines for a better, happier world.