Business with Panama Yields Amazing Benefits!

Alvaro Cabal Lachman has been involved with architecture, engineering, construction, real estate development and business consulting in Panama and the United States since 1993. He has worked for major influential companies, such as Cable & Wireless, which made Panama a telecommunications hub between North and South America, and CH2MHill, which currently manages the Panama Canal Expansion. In 2009, Alvaro founded Nearshore Developments, an international real estate development consulting firm. In 2012, he founded the United States – Panama Business Council West, which he currently runs, promoting business and investment between the two nations with an emphasis on global trade. Alvaro joins Speak Up! to discuss the benefits of California companies doing business with Panama, as well as how the United States – Panama Business Council West will be participating in the Monterey Bay International Trade Association’s (MBITA) upcoming California Meets Panama Global Trade Connection Conference. WomensRadio is excited to be a Media Partner for this upcoming Conference, which will be held on June 22nd, 2012 at the San Jose City Hall Wing Building in San Jose, CA.

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About Pat Lynch, Editor-in-Chief & Kat Ball, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Pat Lynch_250x250Pat Lynch

In 1969 at the age of 25, Pat Lynch, having already served as the Press Secretary for a U.S. Senator and Congressman, founded her first advertising agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Lynch was the first woman to begin an advertising agency single-handedly in the South. By 1977, she had been listed twice in The World’s Who’s Who of Women and most recently in the International Who’s Who and Strathmore’s Who’s Who.

In 1996, she began Women’s Online Media and Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.) which produces WomensRadio, in order to “give women a greater voice!” WomensRadio, a converging medium, had its beginning on the Web as a rich, content Website for women leaders. In 2001, her company also began WomensCalendar. Today it is the largest databank of women’s events in the world, #1 in all the major search engines and reaching hundreds of thousands of women leaders each week. In the summer of 2004, the company launched the SpeakerSpot, a dynamic speaker referral program which can be accessed by meeting planners internationally. In 2005, the company introduced a new audio production tool for the Web, AudioAcrobat®, that is now the state-of-the-art, audio and video production, streaming and Podcasting Web-based media tool. This service helps everyone to have audio and/or video streaming in their emails and on their Websites. It is the tool of choice for hundreds of broadcasting professionals who want to have their long-form programs included, both at WomensRadio and the new WomensRadio Channel, a syndicated 24/7 all talk Web radio for women.

During her years as the founder and CEO of her own advertising marketing company in Atlanta, she and her agency gained a reputation for introducing media, particularly radio and television, to industries which had never considered them to deliver their advertising messages. One such industry was residential real estate (including both rentals and sales).

Pat Lynch also contributes her time and experience to many not-for-profits. When the City of Atlanta had experienced a season of multiple killings of young people, a time when the economy was also in a slump, the city was looking for a number of ways to create community and give kids at risk a brighter outlook. She volunteered her time and helped to create the largest party for young people that has ever been conducted. With only three months to pull together all the details, “It’s Time,” was an all-day event hosting some 10,000 kids in Piedmont Park, the largest park in the city. All the transportation to the event, all the food, all the cooks and servers, all the entertainment, all the prizes, everything – was provided for free! Mayor Andrew Young and Gerri Elder, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, created a special plaque of appreciation which was presented to Ms. Lynch for her work in creating and conducting this event.

She has also worked tirelessly for other not-for-profits, largely in the area of publicity and/or fund-raising for such organizations as Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy, American Heart Association.

While residing in California, she served on the boards of the Fresno, CA Court School PTA as President, Fresno Habitat for Humanity and the Fresno Ballet where she helped to raise funds to produce the first new Nutcracker in over 20 years. In the Bay Area, she served as the Media Chair for the California Women’s Agenda, was a member of the Women’s Leadership Alliance of the Bay Area, and was on the Board of Directors of the Afghan Coalition and Afghan Women’s Association International.

She is a frequent speaker on the value of opening the media to women’s voices and creating new communication bridges to the future. To inquire about having her as a speaker for your event, please call (888) 658-4635.

Pat is also the Host of Speak Up! on WomensRadio. Speak Up! invites women, and also men, who “speak” to women in terms of their values, their goals and their strong sense of community, to address issues, opportunities and successes that need to be heard by a larger audience of women leaders.

Kat's Professional HeadshotKat Ball

Kat Ball is the President and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Online Media and Education Network(W.O.M.E.N.), including WomensRadio, WomensCalendar and AudioAcrobat®.

Kat works with W.O.M.E.N.’s highly skilled technical team to maximize user capabilities for all of their vertical websites and services. She ensures that the employees at W.O.M.E.N. are able to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in an upbeat professional environment while building successful and long lasting relationships.

Kat also coordinates all HR and legal matters with her executives, and has over eight years of HR experience. She works directly with Editor-in-Chief, Pat Lynch, and other talent / Radio Show Hosts to produce radio shows / online articles for


  1. With all due respect, I lived in Panama for three and a half years. Be very careful who you deal with.

    I can tell you horror story after horror story of high integrity Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and South Americans who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to liars, cheats and thieves. The court system is no help. Panamanians usually win regardless of the facts. The words in legal documents are meaningless, so don’t assume that the other party is going to do what they tell you they’re going to do – all with the biggest, kindest smiles on their face.

    I made the mistake of investing in a development where the builder with whom I contracted breached our contract, then tried to extort money out of me to let me finish with someone else. This outrage was followed by defaming me throughout the community. The house remains uncompleted, because my attempts to complete it have been blocked at every turn. My dream home turned into a nightmare where I could easily lose my entire investment, simply because I have not been willing to enable this outrageous conduct.

    Yes, of course, there are high integrity Panamanians, but watch your back in each and every transaction.

  2. Yes of course this happens in the world today. Thank you for relating to us your bad experience. I am sorry this is happening to you now. I am sure when you complete your house it will be very valuable and your investment worth your time and effort. All big deals are challenging, specially planning, building and developing successfully. Otherwise everyone would do it.

    And with all respect, Dr. Janet, the situations you describe happen in the most developed countries as well. It is an unfortunate phenomenon of the world, especially in recent years. That is why it is important to build establish good relationships and friendships with good people you do big deals with. One suggestion is that you join and meet us at the Global California Conference coming up next week.