The Prevailing Problem of the Day!

We see flawed leadership and institutions.

Our friends, and even some family members, seem to let us down.

What is the solution to this shocking decline in human behavior?

About Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Claire Power Murphy, HonDL  U.S.A. Humanitarian Ambassador
Claire is the President/Director of The Claire Power Murphy Foundation.
Secondly, Claire is the President/Director of  Tomorrow’s Free Online School.
Thirdly, Claire is the Director of  The Self Rejuvenation Center.

Further, Claire is the author of  The Restoration Trilogy which consists of multi award-winning semi-autobiographical Preserved to ServeTowards the 144,000 and The 8 Laws of health with Recipes. As such she is a featured author in both Health and Wellness and Spirituality on many websites.
eg. Authors Den (the #1 site for books and authors on the net!)

Claire’s many endorsements, awards and associations may be viewed here:

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Claire is also the Host of Improve Every Year! at WomensRadio. Improve Every Year!  leads out in reform measures desperately needed to counteract both the healthcare and education crises. Listeners will be led to see a brighter future, beyond cure, where both they and institutions will Improve Every Year!


  1. It was a very interesting segment, Claire. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. Thank you, Sweet Deanie.
    Interesting is important.
    Action to remediate a problem is what makes a difference!