Mud Runs for Fun and Everyone!


Fun and Fit interview Mud Runner, TV personality, and FitFluential Ambassador, Carissa Bealert

Mud run

Ready to relive mud puddles and dressing up in fun costumes while getting fit? Join us as we get all the dirt (and mud) dished up on the latest craze in the workout and “running” world: MUD RUNS

We asked Carissa — a certified personal trainer, fitness blogger at Fit2Flex, race announcer and TV host who is pursuing a second career as a registered dietitian — to fill us in on the mud run fun. Her key tip: “Finish HAPPY!”

  • For those of us who have never done a mud run, tell us what it’s like.
  • Why do you think Mud Runs have gained such popularity?
  • How would you recommend someone train for a mud run?
  • What are your tips to have a successful Mud Run?
  • You are doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta with FitFluential. Tell us about that race.

You can catch Carissa at Fit2Flex where she and her husband tackle fitness and healthy living with a practical, fun approach. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Carissa is a respected TV host, sports reporter, and race announcer. She has been seen on CBS College Sports, Home Shopping Network, and at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Carissa is also one of the announcers for the Run Disney Endurance Series at DisneyWorld and DisneyLand.

Recently, she  returned to school to get a second degree in nutrition to become a registered dietitian.  

Carissa’s goal as a blogger and fitness expert is to show people that being healthy and fit isn’t a major change, but the result of little changes that make a BIG difference.  She believes preparation is the key to lifelong fitness success! You can  follow Carissa on Twitter, Facebook, and online.

You can follow us over at Fun Fit and on our YouTube channel. Burn some laughing cals on the way over!

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  1. Hi ya K&A

    I came here looking for new insights from across the ‘corpus callosum’ if you will allow,as I often but not always feel women have a more sensible view on ‘things’.

    This segment didn’t give me much hope, for gender-gap bridge building, or whatever they call it.

    Imagine for one moment if you can, if the situation was reversed and a man were to say something similar. It needn’t be a man-only radio (I guess some folk might say they all are)-but any station where a man said essentially that which this mud running person- said.

    Admittedly, I just wished to be mud running as I heard it, and was so eager—I had a conditioned reflex to type my concern over the ‘except for’ warning.

    Or, maybe it was the lecherous thought of never seeing Ms Bealert in a tutu. Then Carissa would have a point.

    Nonetheless, it seems a fun thing to do; and with the ‘give in the ground’ much easier on the knees of this older male athletic specimen (2 of the 4 attributes pertain now).