Brenda Novak – Best seller fights for Diabetes cure


Brenda Novak







Best selling author, Brenda Novak talks about becoming a writer and fundraising champion for the Diabetes Research Institute.

Romantic-suspense author, Brenda Novak hadn’t planned on becoming a writer. After discovering her day care provider was drugging her kids with cough syrup to get them to sleep while she watched soap operas, Brenda decided she needed to work at home. Fond of the romance genre and using her business training, she launched a successful campaign and has become a USA Today and New York Time Best Selling Author with over 40 books.

One of her greatest accomplishments doesn’t involve writing. Raising five kids was challenging enough but when her son, Thad, developed Type 1 Diabetes, at five she found new inspiration. Experienced with the challenges her diabetic son has faced, each year Brenda focusesĀ  on finding a cure through her annual fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute. Having raised over 1.5 million in eight years, this May’s online auction is set to exceed expectations.