Are You FitFluential? Want to Be?


Do you Eat*Sleep*Move*Enjoy in a healthy way? If so, you may qualify to be FitFluential.

Fun and Fit interview Danielle Liss, Chief Marketing Officer for the biggest online healthy living community, FitFluential

  • What is FitFluential and why should you, as an exerciser care about it?
  • What does FitFluential offer you as a fitness Enthusiasts or participant?
  • If you want to be more involved, how do you “move up” to Influencer or Ambassador level?
  • What (free) benefits will you enjoy by becoming part of the FF family?

Danielle answers the above questions and more. She has overcome her own challenging health and weight gain/loss journey, which she briefly shares with us. You can follow her twisting, turning path back to a life of “normalcy” and health more in depth (and with more humor) over at

For now, get your online fit red stilettos on; even learn about hairless cats – for example, which way do you pet their non-existent fur? – by listening in. Tweet with Danielle over at @DanielleLiss.

Danielle Liss is also a lawyer who travels the country speaking at conferences on contract law for bloggers. A former Jersey Girl, Danielle lives in Las Vegas with her husband and two hairless cats she calls “stupid.”

We work out with cats, dogs, and humans over at and on our YouTube channel. Be a furball love and subscribe.

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  1. Love all these ladies!! Loved the interview :)

    • Thanks Madeline! We love all these ladies too. Oh wait, just two of us are ladies. Guess who is not? We appreciate you listening in. Isn’t Danielle articulate?

  2. That was a great interview! I’m a FitFluential ambassador and love it. The FF family is something amazing to be part of and I highly recommend it in any capacity.

    Danielle is a great asset to FF and Kelly O rocks.

  3. You three sound like you had a great time!
    Would love to sit around a coffee table with you all (note, Canadian’s have a problem with saying y’all, so I’m spelling it like I say it!)
    Loved hearing Danielle’s voice!