Archives for April 2012

Exploring Women’s Spirituality with Sharon Bigger

Susun Weed interviews educator and consultant, Sharon Bigger.

Mud Runs for Fun and Everyone!

Fun and Fit interview Mud Runner, TV personality, and FitFluential Ambassador, Carissa Bealert.

Emily Grieves – Expat Artist Embraces Mexico

Drawn by the magic of Teotihuacan, Emily fashions an artistic life in a small Mexican village with her adopted family.

The Prevailing Problem of the Day!

Character is emerging as the dominant issue!

Episode #88, “You Are What You Love”

Vaishali fields phone calls from people seeking life management advice.

Battered Women Syndrome

.. justice systems reflect the male domination.

The Vitality in Cycling

How can cycling play a special role in making peoples lives, whether they are young or old, richer or more vital in many ways? Susan speaks with Larry Pizzi and Richard Durashin to exlplore the issue of “The Vitality of Cycling.” Can it be changed?

End War in Afghanistan with Education.

Is there a way you can help stop the conflict in Afghanistan? Would you like to learn more about how and what the truth is about the Afghan people? Listen to Hassina Sherjan.

Transform your Home/Office into a Super Healthy Sanctuary

Beth Greer is interviewed by Dr. Peter Fairfield on how to improve your health and well-being by making small lifestyle changes.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Heals the World

Star Wolf talks more about Shamanic Breathwork™ and why it is so important in many areas of our lives.