Get Back Your Baby Skin


Fun and Fit interview Sir Dr. Zein Obagi, an internationally sought after dermatologist and leader in healthy skin care from the inside out

Are you making the number one mistake with your skin that ages it?

According to skin care expert, Sir Dr Zein Obagi, lazy skin is aged skin. Strong skin leads to younger skin! And most women (but not many men) make one mistake almost DAILY that adds years and inelasticity to their skin’s appearance.

What can you do to:

  • avoid having “lazy” skin
  • achieve strong skin
  • look younger
  • have healthier skin?

The key is to create healthy skin habits from the inside out, not from the outside in.

If you follow Dr. Obagi’s groundbreaking advice, backed by science, within a few weeks you will:

  • Look years younger
  • Prevent wrinkles
  • Avoid plastic surgery
  • Minimize acne scars
  • Inhibit skin cancer

Gain from his wisdom in this short interview. As he says, “you are entitled to look your best” naturally and without surgery.

Sure, Dr Obagi has credentials galore. But guess what?! He also has a great sense of humor. And nice skin! Check him and his sites out.

Sir Dr. Zein Obagi is an internationally recognized dermatologist, whose quest to understand healthy skin began at the age of fifteen when his sister suffered major face burns. He went on to complete his medical education, first becoming a pathologist then moving into the field of dermatology while he was serving in the U.S. Navy.

Not only is Sir Dr Obagi a leader in dermatology, but also given his humanitarian and scientific contributions to his profession, he was just knighted into the Knighthood of the oldest Imperial, Charitable and Chivalric Order.

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