Fitness Independence: Freedom from Exercises You Hate


Fun and Fit interview certified personal trainer and proponent of “Fitness Independence,” Matt Schifferle

Listen in to Matt Schifferle, creator of the whose philosophy of “Fitness Independence” is based on the principal that pleasure and enjoyment are essential qualities in an effective exercise program.

We ask Matt:

  • You use a phrase “Fitness Independence.” What is Fitness Independence exactly? Why is this important for motivation and goal achievement?
  • What if someone really does not enjoy any aspect of exercise. What then?
  • Does it ultimately matter is exercisers truly enjoy working out as long as they comply? That is, what if the goal is strong enough to drive the process, even if the process (working out) is not fun?
  • What steps can listeners take to connect a passion or happy activity with exercise, if exercise is not a happy activity?
  • Lastly, what does “Red Delta Project” really mean? How is that linked to fitness?

Matt shares his positive outlook and mind-changing philosophy through his website,, his YouTube channel, weekly newsletter and Twitter updates. After training clients for more than 10 years, he believes that ultimately you can and must connect enjoyment with exercise in order to succeed.  And he has helped many skeptical clients do just that! When Matt is not training you can find him hiking and racing his mountain bike in the green mountains of Vermont.

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  1. Laurie Mackeson says:

    Thanks Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams for taking the time to have Matt as a guest speaker on your program “Fitness Independence: Freedom from Exercises You Hate”.

    His message resonate loud and effectively all the way Down Under (Australia) where I live. i have been a follower of Fitness Independance for the past (just under) 2 years.

    Like all good leaders, Matt ‘goes out in front’ and challenges people to follow in his direction using the most efficent/effect path for themselves.

    Looking forward to hearing him again on your program. It was legen…….wait for it…….dairy! :-)

    Cheers – Laurie