Tweet Your Way to Weight Loss


Fun and Fit interview Rebecca Regnier, a tv reporter (Full Plate show) and online columnist (Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat).

Rebecca Regnier discovered Twitter and turned it into her personal weight loss machine. Given 140 characters per tweet  calculated with the 20 pounds Rebecca lost, that’s 1 pound for every 7 characters. Her tweet to the world? If she can be successful using online media to lose weight, so can YOU!

Called “The Erma Bombeck of Dieting”  Rebecca is an award-winning humor writer, blogger, journalist, and author of Your Twitter Diet. We found her through her tv show, Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate, then checked out her blog, Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat. After laughing and learning, we knew we had to bring her to you to share her secret sauces and sauciness!

Get the answers to our questions:

  1. How did you harness tweet power for weight loss. More to the point, how can our listeners gain from your experience in order to lose?
  2. What are hashtag and twitter parties and how can we crash your #twitterdiet online party chats?
  3. We understand you once cooked for Paula Deen. Dish us some celeb scoop!

If you want to find out more about Paula Deen and Rebecca, get ahold of Your Twitter Diet, watch Full Plate (yes, it’s  in-FUN-a-tive) or read diet and healthy eating antics at her blog. Y’all are welcome to, ya’ hear?

Join her tweet chats Thursdays and Sundays at 8pm EST via  #twitterdiet or follow her on twitter at @LaughItOff.

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