Shift Your World with Words

Janet Smith Warfield

Spiritual leaders throughout the centuries have been conduits for conveying the most important lesson humankind can ever learn:

  • How to create an empowered peaceful planet
  • How to create a heaven on earth

Most have used words to convey their lessons.

Thirty-five years ago, Janet Smith Warfield had an unexpected mystical experience. Words she had learned as a child in Sunday school, “… resist not evil, but turn the other cheek …” suddenly became crystal clear.  In an instant, she understood their meaning.

Have you considered that you can shift your energy of rage into energy of passion and purpose?

Or that you can be free of fear-forever?

Learn more with Janet:

Janet’s Book


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And thanks to your for being in the audience. Without you, Weaving the World would not exist!

  • Suggestion: Make 2012 your year for action. What organization is addressing issues you care about?  Contribute; time, money, referrals
  • Invitation: Join women from across the country in Women’s Grassroots Congress to declare a new agenda for our lives, our families, our communities and our country. March 24-25 in Seattle, WA with virtual venues across the country. Begin to identify what values you would add to the agenda.
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Honoring women in other parts of the world is a reflection of the honor you have for your sisters and self in your world.

About Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard, a radical researcher whose questions lead her to a unique view on the world and the role and men and women can play. She has raised 9 children, works in the unseen realms to impact our physical world with the TAG Matrix system, loves nature, music, art and reading great mystery novels.

Sharon is also the Host of Weaving the World and founderf Weaving the World Media. Weaving the World  shifts its focus to A Mystic’s View speaking the truth about our adventure, purpose, and mission. WTW has showcased women,  the Voices of the New World. Sleeping women have awakened and mountains are being moved to allow space for a new culture based on the values Mothers/Women hold sacred. Now, A Mystic’s View will show the foundation that has been buried for too long. It is the story within which we will manifest the world as we had Divinely intended.


  1. June Steiner says:

    Dear Sharon and Janet, I so enjoyed your program and interview and will put it on my facebook page. Helping people shift their negative energy to positive means is such an important skill and healing force and is a must for those wanting to make a difference in their work, community or the world. My wish is that we could take such education into the public schools, K thru university. What a different world we would have!!

    I will be attending one of our vistar meetings next week in Oakland, CA and have had several of my own last fall. Your book will be a must for those I have in my small groups and in my counseling clients.

    Outer nature is a deep teacher for understanding our inner nature and your outings sound fabulous and remind me of my years of taking groups on vision quests and whale watching to deepend their personal work and heighten their consciousness.

    Thank you Sharon for providing an opportunity to others to know such powerful women as Janet.
    Much gratitude and love, June

    • Thank you June! Getting quality knowledge and practices to our young children is certainly needed. Let me know how you are planning to do that. When you are ready to share the process, we can do an interview.
      I hope that you can attend the Women’s Grassroots Congress in March. Your insight would be greatly welcomed!

      Sharon Riegie

  2. Dear June,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I do hope you realize how powerful YOU are for deciding to take action and posting your comments in a public forum.

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Janet Smith Warfield