Intimidated to Enter a Fitness Facility?


  • Are you intimidated to enter an exercise facility?
  • Have you had a less than stellar experience when braving a new gym?
  • Are you one of the many to say “I have to get fit before I join a fitness club”?

Nicki Anderson, our guest today has been on both sides of the front desk – first as someone walking in wanting to lose 50 pounds, now as a customer service expert in the fitness industry.

And boy, did she discover some interesting goings-on!

  1. What keeps exercisers away from a club?
  2. What would need to change to entice the gym-phobic inside and help them feel comfortable and welcomed.
  3. What ONE key component gives the best odds for people to have an amazing, successful experience within a gym or club?

Nicki has been in the health and fitness business since 1979, when one size-fits-all Nautilus machines were for men; leg warmers and aerobics were for women. After leaving her first job in a health club, she took time off to pursue her dream of acting and met her husband Bill instead. Four kids and many years later, Nicki got back into the biz opening a personal training studio, Reality Fitness. Nicki lectures all over the world teaching trainers about customer service and marketing. She’s written four books and is a wannabe chef and a so-so runner. However, she is a winning trainer, being named IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year 2008-09

If you are near Chicago, IL look her up. If not, link her up at and Then get into a gym that makes you happy!

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  1. Loved this interview!
    I think the fitness industry needs to work harder to make gyms more inviting to the not-yet-fit. Great ideas here!