B-Corp App-X Integrates Impact Reporting Investing Standards (IRIS) to Track Social Impact

Beth Busenhart, the PULSE project manager from App-X, joins us to discuss how technology is making a difference to social impact investing.  App-X has integrated Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) into PULSE, a cloud computing solution that helps track social impact criteria.

Among App-X’s clients are three social enterprises recently listed by Forbes Magazine in the Top Social Entrepreneurs list, Acumen Fund, Grey Ghost Ventures and Root Capital.  Beth discusses her work with these  three organizations in the Impact Investing Sector as well as her work with Inter-American Development Bank, or IDB, working in Latin America to fight extreme poverty through micro-loans, banking support and other social impact programs for locals.

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About Robin Eschler

Robin L. Eschler, the founder of Social Impact Marketing, started her career in developing foundational marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to individual entrepreneurs and local businesses. She has developed and implemented international campaigns to launch high tech products and services and guided new business owners to successfully navigate the difficulties of growing a business.

Her life-long passion for helping others led her into nonprofit work for over a decade. Early on, she recognized the need for nonprofits to adapt to a rapidly changing world in which technology dominates and for-profit business practices are central to success. Her determination to help social causes in a sustainable way led to her creation of the Women’s Radio show Socially Conscious Investing.

Impact investing in for-profits with a mission of social change such as the fight against extreme poverty is a blossoming business sector around the world. With the economic decline, it’s clear that Wall Street requires change. Social impact investing addresses that need in a way that provides financial and social ROI.

As the Host of Socially Conscious Investing on WomensRadio, Robin’s goal is to educate people about the growth of social impact investing and social venture. Interviews are conducted with socially conscious business experts including foundations and nonprofits, social venture investment firms, micro-loan organizations, investors, educators, authors and social entrepreneurs.

This show’s mission is to help change the world through sustainable business practices that contribute to the economy, combat poverty, end hunger and provide better lives to all.

Twice, Robin has been recognized and received the highest honorary award that Rotary International gives, the Paul Harris Award, for service above self. Her community work has included developing local programs for disadvantaged populations such as foster children, troubled teens, and people with disabilities.

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  1. John R. Callas says:

    Very interesting and welcome discussion on synergy between social consciousness and entrepreneurial capitalism. Good show Robin and Beth!

    • Thank you, John. I’ve been reading about Kahn and would enjoy hearing more from you about the work Kahn is doing with regard to sustainable design and engineering. Hope to hear from you soon.