Achieve Frugal Fitness: Cheapskate Approach


“I can’t afford to work out or eat more healthfully.”

Have you used this excuse? Then today’s guest is here to bust you into shape frugally. You can’t afford not to listen!

The self-proclaimed “biggest cheapskate in the fitness industry,” Mike Schiemer, founder of Frugal Fitness, a personal trainer, and author of The Frugal Diet offers tips on how to save money in pursuit of better health and fitness. His goal:  to make sure that affordability does not stand between you and reaching your workout goals.
We asked Mr. Frugal Fitness:

  • What are some easy ways to spend less on food and get more nutrition?
  • What are examples of ways to cut expenses on workouts?
  • What are options if having a gym membership is out of our listeners’ budget range?

Michael J. Schiemer adds multiple certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer to his BS in Exercise Physiology. He has trained thousands of clients of all budgets, ages, conditions, fitness levels, and sports. You can find him on his popular Frugal Fitness TV YouTube Channel which offers over 170 videos or track him at his blog, Frugal Fitness.

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  1. great interview & info!!!