Working Out Sucks


Do you think working out sucks? Before you answer that, ask yourself a few other questions:

  1. Does dying early from something totally preventable suck?
  2. Does not being able to play with your kids or enjoy many activities suck?
  3. Does feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy in your own body suck?
  4. Does getting paid less than your equals suck?
We interview Chuck Runyon, CEO of the world’s largest fitness club franchise, Anytime Fitness and co-author of a new book, Working Out Sucks. Why would a person in the fitness industry say that, especially when we are in the midst of a national obesity crisis?
  • What are the three most common excuses for not exercising? Chuck has heard them all. Are your excuses in this list of questions we pose Chuck?
  • What are some of the most creative and unusual excuses for avoiding exercise?
  • Who is at higher risk given our nation’s sedentary ways – kids or adults?
  • What role can parents play to improve the health outlook for themselves and their children?
  • Did Chuck anticipate the controversy his book and its chapter titles would generate?
  • Can working out ever be fun? What if the advice is humorous?

Join us as Chuck lays it on the line, addresses common, yet unhelpful excuses, offers solutions and strategies, and rouses us to action.

By the way, 100% of profits from his book sales will be donated to His motivator? — buy the book, read the book, get active so that others with missing limbs can be active too.

For a book review with humor, video, and a GIVEAWAY of 4 copies of Working Out Sucks, go to the post we wrote at A comment on our blog enters you to win. Following the book’s advice makes you a life winner!
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