Pilates: Myths and Benefits


Ready to try Pilates but wonder what it really is and what it can do for you?

  • One of the most common misconceptions about Pilates involves yoga. Do you know the differences between Pilates and yoga, for example?
  • A second common myth is that Pilates is soooo easy and mostly for women. How does our guest, Cassey Ho address that myth?
  • Can Pilates make you taller?
  • What are the top benefits of trying a Pilates workout? What is this mode really good for?
  • If you want to get started with Pilates, what are the best ways? Cassey has a few suggestions.

(We hope you try one free place– Cassey’s videos on YouTube).

Get the scoop from San Francisco based Pilates teacher, YouTube sensation, and fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Cassey Ho, who is known nationally for her POP Pilates workouts and  pop, pop, popular website, Blogilates.

Cassey started doing Pilates in high school, fell in love with the practice and instantly became a hardcore devotee. She began instructing while still in college after earning certifications from Balanced Body University and NESTA. However, her biggest classes happen online in the YouTube universe. Her POP Pilates series fuses Top 40 songs and workouts to create energetic, fun, and upbeat sweat sessions.

Want to take a look at Cassey’s yoga and Pilates bags over at ogorgeous.com? See why Alexandra calls her a gym bag snob!
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If you have taken Pilates classes, what was your experience like? Did you have a myth busted? We’d love you to comment below.


  1. Nowadays Pilates exercise is becoming more popular as an alternative of treatment due to its success with increasing potency and stabilize. There are many benefits of Pilates including improved core potency, increased fitness and reduction in pain and prevention with injury.

  2. The benefits of pilates mentioned in the interview with Cassey Ho ….. improved posture and improved core strength are so important for anyone to reduce the risk for low back injury. Weak abs and poor habitual posture over time can take a toll on the low back and result in the onset of pain even without a specific injury. Pilates could be the key to avoid low back problems. And you can watch it on You Tube, now that is a cheap pilates class!