Gather the Women and Vision 2020

Barbara Belknap spent the first half of her life in almost twenty different communities, from her birthplace of Portland, Oregon until her family chose Juneau, Alaska to put down permanent roots. Her community of Juneau and the stunningly beautiful nature that surrounds it are very important parts of Barbara’s life.

In October of 2001, Barbara was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer and had two major surgeries. After several months of healing and adjustment, she went about the task of learning how to follow her passion for lifelong learning, community building, women’s issues, politics, and travel. Barbara has been involved with many women’s organizations, and is the current President of Gather the Women.

Another recent commitment is to Vision 2020 as one of two representatives from Alaska. Vision 2020 is a Drexel University project to realize equality for women by the year 2020 in five specific areas: Pay equity, more women in senior leadership positions, promotion of family-friendly workplace policies and practices, educate new generations of girls and boys to respect each other, and to mobilize women voters. Barbara’s project is pay equity.

Barbara shares the value she has found in working with women and the impact it can have on the world.


Contact information:

Barbara Belnap

Gather the Women Conference
August 23–26, 2012
Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Estimated price: $ 450.00Annual gathering of GTW Regional Coordinators, Conveners, sister organizations, and all women interested in women’s circles and activating women’s wisdom on a global scale!
Diane Jung
The Unfinished Business of Women’s Equality


Thanks for being in the audience. Without you, Weaving the World would not exist!

  • Suggestion: Make 2012 your year for action. What organization is addressing issues you care about?  Contribute; time, money, referrals
  • Invitation: Join women from across the country in Women’s Grassroots Congress to declare a new agenda for our lives, our families, our communities and our country. March 24-25 in Seattle, WA with virtual venues across the country. Begin to identify what values you would add to the agenda.          identify values
  • Invitation: Click my comment link and let’s initiate some great conversations

Honoring women in other parts of the world is a reflection of the honor you have for your sisters and self in your world.

About Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard, a radical researcher whose questions lead her to a unique view on the world and the role and men and women can play. She has raised 9 children, works in the unseen realms to impact our physical world with the TAG Matrix system, loves nature, music, art and reading great mystery novels.

Sharon is also the Host of Weaving the World and founderf Weaving the World Media. Weaving the World  shifts its focus to A Mystic’s View speaking the truth about our adventure, purpose, and mission. WTW has showcased women,  the Voices of the New World. Sleeping women have awakened and mountains are being moved to allow space for a new culture based on the values Mothers/Women hold sacred. Now, A Mystic’s View will show the foundation that has been buried for too long. It is the story within which we will manifest the world as we had Divinely intended.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have listened to your conversation with Barbara Belknap( GTW Matrix convener) and loved your questions and also Barbara”s answers. I have been reading your website over the pastwo yrs, since I met you at the Mercy Center in San Francisco– I loved your presentatiuon therewhen you talked about the different stages of a woman”s life journey– and I laughed , because I relaized that I totally missed the “queen ” stage– and am very happy now in my next stage– of being a wise old crone– Ha !
    After attending the gathering last yr in Wisconsin , I gathered up my courage and invited the group back here to Canada—
    So I hope that you might consider coming to this event — and I would welcome the opportunity to share more about our event with you–
    You can also take a look at this website to see where our Gathering will be–
    look fwd to your reply, Sharon,
    in light & love, Diane.

    • Dear Diane:

      I appreciate your presence in my life. You added such a grace to our meeting in San Francisco. I don’t know that I will be at the GTW in Canada although I will use that higher brain function of curiosity. “I wonder what opens to get me to Canada and Diane.

      I will definitely share information about the gathering through my circles and social networks.

      Many blessings,