Less Clutter = Less Stress = More Energy


Declutter Now: Why be “Overstuffed”?

“Declutter your space to improve both your mental and physical health and fitness!”
Sound like a crazy claim?

* Stick with us until the end of the radio interview as our guest, Sallie Felton has a special offer for you and a SUPER takeaway final point you will want to try today. HInt: it involves music!

Yes, a connection does exist between cluttered physical surroundings and a cluttered, overstuffed, unfit mind and body.

Join organizational expert, Sallie Felton as she gives practical, sensible, achievable tips for getting rid of extra “stuff” you are keeping around, both ex- and internally.

* What is the connection between clutter in your surroundings and your energy?
* How does your physical space affect your body?
* How does mental clutter affect your health and exercise habits?
* What are some easy, quick tasks to release such clutter to feel better?

Sallie Felton is a popular radio show host, life coach, hypnotherapist, author, facilitator and inspirational speaker. Her national radio shows A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton and Light At the End of The Tunnel host some of the country’s best self-help speakers and authors.

She is also co-author of Stepping Stones to Success (2010) with Deepak Chopra; GPS for Success (2011) with Stephen R. Covey; Clutter Free and Clear: How To Take Charge of Your Time and Space; and The Small Business Owner’s Assessment Tool. Her recent ebook,Start Where You Stand, Finding Your True North in the Life/Work Balance (2010) is a “how-to-workbook” on finding one’s inner and outer balance in the game of life. Her upcoming release, If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Get Rid of This Clutter (March 2012) guides readers through the maze of emotional, physical and mental clutter for a life of happiness.

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