Get Fit Faster with Metabolic Conditioning


“Push Until You Can’t; Rest Until You Can”

Such is the mantra of proponents of the hugely popular Metabolic Training classes. Metabolic Training is gaining a reputation for helping people burn calories and achieve higher fitness levels at warp speed.

In our interview with Ryan Halvorson, a master trainer of Metabolic Effect classes, we ask him to clarify exactly what this hot trend is and why it may be a workout for you to consider:

* What is metabolic conditioning and how is it different from high intensity, circuit, or interval training?* Why has metabolic conditioning gained so much popularity among both pros and fitness enthusiasts?

* How does Metabolic Training improve hormonal processes as well as calorie burning?

* Is it really true and accurate to call this type of high intensity training appropriate for many levels and goals? If so, how and why?

* And why the heck is your website called “BirdRockFitness?”

* What has that got to do with Metabolic Training?

Ryan Halvorson is a performance specialist at Bird Rock Fit ( in La Jolla, California and a Master Instructor for Metabolic Effect. He is also the associate editor for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, a leading educator of fitness professionals worldwide. He has authored more than 500 articles on the topics of health and fitness for local national and international publications including DETAILS magazine and GQ Magazine.

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