Why Go From FIT to FAT On Purpose?


Would you deliberately gain weight and sacrifice your body for knowledge? Drew Manning chose to go from fat to fit and learned a LOT more than he expected along the way.

Drew is a certified personal trainer based in Eagle Mountain, Utah who set upon an unusual journey so he could learn what it’s like to be overweight. Fit all his life, he committed to 6 months of inactivity and “average American eating patterns,” followed by another 6 months’ getting back into shape. His goal? — to better serve his clients and understand the challenges of the unfit and inactive.

Our interview finds him 4 months and 63 added pounds into his Fat to Fit journey. (Stay tuned as we interview him again 4 months into his Fat back to Fit stage.)

Thus far he has found that NOT working out while eating the “typical” diet has affected his marriage, energy level, motivation, mood, budget, and self-concept, not to mention his waist size. Where once he trained others and worked out, he now embeds himself in the couch and snacks on whatever is handy.

Follow his descent and progress first with us in this episode, then at Fit2Fat2Fit and via Facebook.com/fit2fat2fit. You will see amazing before and during pictures! Plus you will enjoy Drew’s sense of humor and commitment.

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