“Delight in Living” with Yoga Fusion program, RASA


How can yoga and creative movement enhance your overall well-being? What is “RASA” and what does it mean?

Jehan Izhar and Randall Simpson are health educators and yoga Teachers who have developed a new fusion yoga program called RASA that revives the origins of yoga and ancient healing practices to fit with the needs of the modern world.

You are among the first who will get to hear from them about RASA, and how yogic practices of creative movement and self-expression can be incorporated into your daily life to help increase overall well-being and promote positivity in your life.

RASA is a Sanskrit word meaning “the essence of life-ecstasy within you and your delight within your life itself.” In short, Jehan and Randy want you to delight in life!

Tips you can borrow from yoga and RASA to make your life more delightful starting today:

  • Ask yourself before each workout what your intention is for that session;
  • Keep a journal that records your moods, feelings, motives, energy levels in addition to any list of your exercises;
  • Align your training with your mood and passion for that moment.

To learn more or to find a RASA class or teacher training near you, visit Rasa-worldwide.com. You can also go to Facebook and like their page!