Create the Body You Want Through Consciousness and Quantum Physics


“We are all powerful spiritual beings having a human experience,” exclaims Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive, Patricia Diorio. “Plus, we are completely unlimited in both energy and form. As such, we have the ability to create our own reality, intention, and therefore body.”

*Can you really think your way to better health and a body you love?*How are affirmations different from conscious intention and energetic thoughts?

*What are conscious, practical steps you can take today to start creating the health and body you are happy with?

We pose these questions and more to this week’s guest, Patricia Diorio who uses aspects of quantum physics, biology, mysticism, and spirituality to meet the challenge.

For many years Patricia was an Executive Director for national non-profit organizations. She then changed her life’s direction and became a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive. She was the founder, producer and host of The Paradigm Shift television show which was on the air for 11 years. She is committed to being a catalyst for conscious media and has hosted more than 300 television shows and 100 radio shows on science and spirituality.

One of her favorite assertions is that “”Believing is Seeing.” She also paraphrases Albert Einstein, who once said: “either everything or nothing is a miracle.”  Listen in to better understand the miracle of how our brains and thoughts create our reality. Apply Patricia’s message to enhance the body you live in, starting today!

Then visit Patricia at plus take a look at her book, Balanced in Infinity.

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