Brains, Drums, Exercise, and a Smarter YOU


What happens when you incorporate the following factors into one workout session? You maximize brain AND body boosting:

  • Try something new or novel;
  • Follow directions or cues;
  • Move to music or beats that offer polyrhythms;
  • Try movement that has some aspect of complexity or choreography;
  • Involve at least two senses, such as sight and sound or touch.

Doesn’t this sound like the ultimate group fitness exercise class? Any workout that brings in the above elements will develop both your physical and mental state.

Join us in a cutting edge conversation about the latest discoveries on the effects movement and music have on brain growth.

According to global fitness leader, Carrie Ekins, “anything boring is death to the brain.” Fortunately sleep is also good for the brain. So sleep deeply and sufficiently so you can be anything but dull when awake! As Carrie says, “A fitter body equals a fitter mind so work the brain and body as ONE.”

How does this translate into a workout you can take advantage of? What steps can you take to reap all the advantages of the latest discoveries on body/ mind enhancement? Listen and learn!

Carrie Ekins, MA is an international mover and shaker whom we managed to grab between presentations in Hawaii, Germany, and California– and that is her schedule for one just one week!

Carrie is the CEO, Education Coordinator and co-founder of two fitness and wellness consulting companies in Germany: Global Wellness and Infinite Motion. She also is the co-founder of Academic Beats and her worldwide program, Drums Alive.

She is one energetic visionary and overachiever who is adding a PhD to her long list of achievements while keeping busy as an international presenter, trainer and educator in the fitness and wellness industry.

To learn more about her programs and principles you can pull from them for your use, go to Drums Alive. Check out the Facebook peeps!

And of course, for all fun-loving peeps, beat a (drum) path to