UnBreak Your Health


When the Mayo Clinic didn’t have any answers for Alan Smith’s health problems he turned to complementary and alternative medicine where he found a world of hope and solutions. To help others find answers to their own health problems he wrote an award-winning book, How To UnBreak Your Health. The second edition came out last year featuring over 300 listings of alternative medicine options in 150 different categories.

If you are in pain, what is a good starting point to improve and reduce pain?

Alan calls this the million dollar question and offers an answer. Listen to find out as his million dollar key point is worth hearing!

*What are some of the therapies you can take advantage of, but rarely hear mentioned as options?

*If you have pain, where can you turn for relief (in addition to Alan’s book, How to UnBreak Your Health)?*Where do you turn when doctors can no longer help you? (For one you can go to Alan’s website, UnBreakYourHealth.com

*How can you win a free copy of “How to UnBreak Your Health?” Hint – go to our Fun and Fit facebook page.

Alan also shares brief histories of the Alexander Technique and Rolfing, two key alternative medicine options.  Learn more about CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) best practices and how you can benefit from them.

PS You will also enjoy Alan’s mellifluous Texas talk!

Listen, enjoy, and check out our website Fun and Fit.